Due to a lack of hustle, this site has fallen to the wayside. With no support from fellow members, the clan has been lost in the tubes of the interweb. What was once a tight knit group full of camaraderie now seems to be nothing more than a bunch of individuals with conflicting views. Our opinions may differ, and we all certainly miss the confines of MW2. Some of us have attempted to find its replacement in the form of others in Reach or Black Ops, some in the lonely solitude that is Fallout or Mass Effect, and others have simply given up on the gaming altogether. Even worse, a select few refuse to let go, and are forever trapped in a world of the past.

We, members of the [insert]NU clan must reunite our brotherly bond, and find a game that enthralls us the way Call of Duty 4 version two once did. I challenger all of you to reignite the flame that once made oh so close.

About Our Clan

Our clan began as a group of friends who expressed a solidarity with each other through their clan tags. It started with a husky paw [óÓÒò], which lasted for a while, but soon transformed into the tag we currently use, [insert]NU. Through our tags we have the linking of the NU, while still being able to demonstrate our wit and individuality with the first two letters.

Each of our clan members bring a unique benefit to the group that no other can quite replicate, whether that benefit is deadly skill, abysmal accuracy or enormous playtime.

Why are you here?

Well, most of us are here to look at our stats (updated every Thursday!) to see how your week and career numbers stack up. You might also want to stay for the likely to be hilarious team bios, pictures and maybe one day other stuff too.