Some say sSxSKRIBxSs was born a man, just like you or me, though the few enemy players to have survived his onslaught can only agree that if he was born a man, he is one no longer. Several have described his entry to an area as a violent column of black smoke, rending and tearing his foes to pieces, others say the mechanical noises he makes are due to cybernetic implants in his right hand which enable him to fire a FAL faster than the speed of light.

A scattered few believe him to lead a double life as the pilot of the emergency airdrop cargo plane, plausible only because all of their stories point to a certain day on Derail, when he dropped packages numbering in the thousands,crushing enemies and friends alike under unclaimed chopper gunners; however, historians indicate this theory is rather unlikely. Fellow clan members know to listen for his warcry: "I'm having such a bad game!" and know that it surely means he is 17 and 8, for when he is having a good game the only way you know it is that the game is suddenly over, and just when you were about to use your predator missile too.


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