Well, as many legends depict, the myth of S7venDeadly [s-7-ven-dd-ly]™ is one that is based in truth, but must be experienced in order to fully grasp the incomprehensible story. Spanning the course of this game's release, he has become one of the most prolific mass murderers in the history of the [insert]NU clan. Most notably, only his company members Apawkulypse and sSxSKRIBxSs parallel his contribution on the defensive aspect of most objective games.

Knowingly, he is not an offensive player, but has been dubbed by the company as a utility man. However, he cannot count the amount of Chopper Gunners he's called in to the heavenly Chopper Gunner Theme in C Minor. His quest for his next Tactical Nuke is preceded only by his quest to accrue a plethora of team victories, to help give [insert]NU clan the global recognition it deserves. I'm finished.


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