While he may have been the fifth Cosby to be cloned, ImDancingCosby was the first Cosby trained in the ways of war, and also just happens to be a mean dancer; a true double threat. Much like a typical street performer you would see in an airport terminal, worn down apartment block in a former Soviet republic, or Brazilian shanty town, this miracle of modern science knows where the best spots are for collecting kills from enemies and spare change from passerby. Naturally these spots are on a roof next to gasoline filled barrels and a giant combustible fuel tank, the second floor of an abandoned warehouse and anywhere within a quarter mile of adamantium banana leaves.

While he may encounter some trouble getting into a groove, once he hits his spot and gets on a roll, his robot goes from Tin Man to Terminator, from easy target to untouchable. A true warrior, whether the goal is killing bros or capturing flags it isn't a rare event for him to end the game, in his own words, as "THE GREATEST MAN ALIVE!!"


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