Apawkulypse was a visionary. The first man to average more hours of play per week than eat, sleep and work combined, he still holds the record for playing 25 hours in a 24-hour span. Known for his commitment and his perseverance, nothing would get in his way of fulfilling his goal of becoming a 10th Prestige. Nothing, that is, except an unforeseeable occurrence. One so horrible that no one, especially Apawkulypse himself, could see coming.

The event of course was his untimely passing. The self-proclaimed captain of the [insert]NU clan fell as swiftly and abruptly as he once rose. Some may say that his demise was inevitable; others would say quite the contrary. One thing that can be agreed upon is that his defense and determination, along with his constant company, will surely be missed. He is survived by his father ImDancingCosby, his mother Aias the Great, and his brothers and sisters of the [insert]NU clan.


Even though Apawkulypse may have been the last of the group to pick up an Xbox controller, and has no previous Call of Duty field experience (except for WaW), he has undoubtedly become the veteran of Modern Warfare 2. So much so, that he has self appointed himself Captain. Over the course of weeks upon weeks of gameplay, many weapons have held short stints with his heart, much like his alter ego, Tiger Woods.

However he has developed a true love affair with 2 mistresses: the M16 and the RPD. These weapons in cahoots with Chop-chop-chopper Gunner air support have propelled him to over 2,000 victories and counting. Electricity bills are at an all time high, hours of sleep in addition to normal social relationships have been lost; but what can he say, he doesn't regret it at all.