Borne from the seed of Telamon, great-grandson of Zeus, and second only to his cousin Achilles as a warrior, Aias the Great is one of the most skilled fighters to ever live. Trained in the arts of war, and a master of the sword, shield, and ACR, Telamonian Aias is a force with which to be reckoned. Dominating from the Trojan War to Ground War TDM on Rundown he shows no mercy to his enemies.

Considered the "Wild Card" in objective based games, Aias can play multiple roles to ensure the team's success. He has an intense love of games, and does not take kindly to glitches, modders, or boosters. Still an unstoppable force in COD4 Headquarters, Aias will stand by the COD franchise until the games stop coming or he is forced to commit suicide out of shame, whichever comes first.


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